JGT Task 1 Essay

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Shuzworld to: Alistair Wu, Operating Director from: subject:
Production and Assembly Line Recommendations date: cc:
Cynthia Crownshield, Hetty Tarbox, Dieter Handel

A. Shuzworld Plant Workflow Recommendation
The recommendation is that management reorganizes the production process down to five stations, with appropriate tasks in each station to produce the required work boots.
A1. Justification
The assembly line is budgeted to produce six work boots in a 40 hour week. This is equivalent to 480 minutes of production time in one eight hour day. The line can make 48 boots in an eight hour shift. This leaves a cycle time per boot of 10 minutes. In order to figure how many workstations are appropriate for the cycle time of 10 minutes, I
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The staffing assignment will achieve a total operating cost of $37, which is the most cost efficient plan. Machine Operator 1 will perform job 1 at a cost of $10. Machine Operator 2 will perform task 2 at $9. Machine Operator 3 will perform job 4 at $9. Machine Operator 4 will perform job 3 at $9. This plan will cost the company a total of $37 in labor costs to perform all four jobs. This staffing plan will minimize time and reduce company costs.

C1. Computer Analysis of Staffing Plan

C1a. Decision Analysis Tool Justification

The Excel OM/QM Assignment tool was used to perform the cost effectiveness analysis for the four jobs and the four machine operators, because it will determine which operator can do which job for the least price for the company. By performing the analysis on each job and operator the company will be able to minimize cost and time spent for each job, decreasing labor cost and production time.

D. Short-Term Scheduling Techniques

Short-term Scheduling effectiveness is moving products through the facility and delivering those goods faster. This relates to lower costs for the company and increased throughput. Moving products through faster increases capacity and allows the company to increase assets by not sitting on products. Effective scheduling will also increase customer

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