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Presenter notes

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Slide 2: The Utah Opera is an adhocracy culture. An adhocracy culture is one that is externally focused and values flexibility. This type of culture is adaptable, creative, and reacts to change quickly (Kreitner & Kinicki, 2010). The opera shows these qualities in their culture. The opera values flexibility, and has tailored their business model to allow for adjustments in both the size of the opera and fundraising projects. This allows for them adjust their operations in a timely manner as needed in order to meet profitability goals. The general nature of the opera fosters the creativity that is required for the adhocracy culture, since they are an arts program. The opera focuses less on their
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Mr. Lockhart, music director of the symphony, accurately describes his organization when he says “… the reality is that this is a two-headed organization. One person provides the artistic vision, with sensitivity to the real world, and the other person seeks, secures, and manages the financial resources, with sensitivity to the purpose and mission of the organization”. Mr. Lockhart is correct- the symphony’s decisions and authority rest with him and the President/CEO position (which is currently vacant). Both Mr. Lockhart and the President/CEO report to the Chairman of the Board, but the board is there solely for guidance. It should be noted, the union also has some decision making authority within the symphony. For example, a violation of the contract or requiring the musicians to perform a duty that is not specifically outlined in the contract would most likely get the union involved by either by strike or legal action. This gives the union some decision making ability within the symphony. There are no empowered employees within this organization who are permitted to make decisions (DeLong, 2005).

Slide 4: In order to be effective, the merged organization will need to be aware of the critical key factors in their culture that will help them reach their goal. Merging two cultures into one is a delicate process that requires a three-stage approach. These three

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