Jfk 's Inaugural Address Speech Essay

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John F. Kennedy’s legacy is one that will be an impact and will live forever in the American citizens. He was a powerful president who had set a precedent for future presidents. Kennedy had many ingenious ideas about politics and the welfare of people, as we can see, even till today and many of his ideas had inspired people all around the world. JFK’s Inaugural Address and “Inside Kennedy’s Inauguration 50 Years On”, both texts were effective in conveying the legacy of JFK, but JFK’s Inaugural Address (speech) is more effective in conveying JFK’s legacy through certain stylistic elements used. In both texts, the use of repetitions was used effectively to convey JFK’s legacy. The use of repetitions proves to the reader that the author is emphasizing important ideas. An example that stood out in JFK’s inaugural speech was “Let both sides…” the repetition used specifically anaphora, is used consistently conveying a slightly different message to the audience. In contrast, the repetition used in the “Inside Kennedy’s Inauguration” essay had prominent phrases and words that remained consistent from the beginning to the end of the essay. The repeated words, “Snow”, “Freezing” and “Cold” instills an image in the readers mind to ensure that they will remember the event of JFK’s speech. The intent of Kennedy’s speech was to convey the reunion of the people in America and the rest of the world towards the common goal of peace and equality. Kennedy uses repetition in the speech…

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