Essay on Jfk the Kennedy Curse

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J.F.K The series of deaths that happened to the Kennedy family is sometimes referred to as the Kennedy curse. The assassination of the youngest elected United States President John Fitzgerald “Jack” Kennedy is the most renowned death of the family. The John Kennedy story has gone down in history as one of the world’s greatest unsolved mysteries. During Kennedy’s life in the White House many first time events took place. These events made a drastic change in America; along with the thoughts and views of many Americans. By the time of Kennedy’s death he had become a leader, role model and a world changer. You may ask, what makes Kennedy a world changer? Kennedy played an important role in U.S history. Kennedy made himself involved …show more content…
There was a third child born, but died only 3 days after birth. Three years after marriage Kennedy became Vice President, followed by not only being the youngest, but the only Roman Catholic President of the United States of America. In the history of the United States there have been four assignations of American presidents. The assignation of President Lincoln and Kennedy are two of them. Even though these events took place in two different times they are very similar. After looking back on the tragic events both presidents were assonated on the same day by killers that were both murdered before there trials. The two presidents were against slavery witch cause them to loose some support along the way. In 1860 Lincoln was elected president followed by Kennedy exactly 100 years later in 1960. Lincoln and Kennedy both had vice president with the last name Williams. The two president while serving there term as President lost son. Another coincidence was that Lincoln’s secretary had the name of Kennedy, and Kennedy had a secretary with the name of Lincoln. The most interesting fact between the two is both men were assonated on the same day of November 8 exactly 100 years apart, both men were killed on a Friday in the head from behind both in front of their wives. Lincoln was shot in the Ford theater and his killer was found later in a warehouse, while Kennedy’s was killed in a ford Lincoln his killer shoot from a warehouse and was

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