Essay about Jfk: His Life and Legacy

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JFK: His Life and Legacy

On November 22, 1963, while being driven through the streets of Dallas, Texas, in his open car, President John F. Kennedy was shot dead, apparently by the lone gunman, Lee Harvey Oswald. The world had not only lost a common man, but a great leader of men.
From his heroic actions in World War II to his presidency, making the decisions to avert possible nuclear conflict with world superpowers, greatness can be seen. Kennedy also found the time to author several best-selling novels from his experiences . His symbolic figure represented all the charm, vigor and optimism of youth as he led a nation into a new era of prosperity.

From his birth into the powerful and influential Kennedy clan, much was to
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The crew of the PT 109 were given a hero's welcome when they returned to base, but Kennedy would have none of it. He refused home leave and was given another boat. In constant pain from the back injury, JFK soon contracted malaria, became very ill, and lost twenty-five pounds. He was forced to give up command and was sent home to Chelsea Naval Hospital near Hyannis Port. The lieutenant received the Purple Heart, the Navy and Marine Corps Medal, and a citation from Admiral W. F. Halsey. John's back failed to recover was an operation was performed on his spine in the summer of 1944.

During recovery, Kennedy received word that his brother Joe,
Jr. had been killed in action. Joe had been eligible for home leave, but had volunteered for a special bombing mission. The bombs had detonated early and Joe and his copilot were caught in the explosion. Kennedy put his feelings onto paper and a second book was published for the family and close friends. He called it As We
Remember Joe.

The family- particularly JFK's father- had assumed that
Joe, Jr. would carry on the family tradition and go into politics. Both of his grandfathers had been active in politics(Anderson 41). Now , suddenly, JFK was the oldest
Kennedy of his generation. Kennedy's first chance in politics came when Congressman James Curley from the 11th District of
Massachusetts decided to retire in 1946(Gadney 42). JFK won his first Congressional seat by a

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