Warsaw Ghetto Research Paper

Destruction on a Mass Scale

“Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large numbers.” This quote applies to World War II when the Nazis demoralized the Jewish religion. Known as one of the largest ghettos, the Warsaw Ghetto held over 400,000 innocent prisoners who were were put down for being Jewish. This ghetto was organized by Adolf Hitler and controlled by the Nazi soldiers. Since it was a ghetto, the conditions were disturbing. Actively, a group of prisoners formed an army to battle the Germans in the uprising. Indeed, the Warsaw Ghetto will be remembered for the organization of the extermination of Jews. Created in 1940 in Warsaw, Poland, the Warsaw Ghetto was formed by the cantankerous Adolf Hitler. When the Jews were captured
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When the Jews created their form of an army, the uprising began. The 1943 act of Jewish resistance is what started in the Warsaw Ghetto in Poland during WWII. The Jewish Combat Organization , ZOB, was formed to attack the Nazis when they came for a deportation. Even though outnumbered, several hundred resistance fighters fighters fought the Germans for a whole month. The idea of resistance came to the Jews mind when the Nazi forces attempted to abolish the city. Once the war began, many events occurred between the resistors and the Germans. The Nazis did not just outnumber the Jews with people, but also with weapons. The overload of weapons helped the Germans destroy the bunkers where the Jewish residents were hiding. By May 16th, the Nazis took over the ghetto completely. Many resistance fighters couldn’t handle the pressure anymore so they committed suicide. As the war came to an end, there was a clear outcome of what occurred. About 7,000 Jews suffered death during the uprising. About 50,000 Jews who survived were sent straight to extermination or death camps. Germany lost about several hundred men in the war, but not nearly as much as the Jews. Germans had more power, so they were able to dominate the Jews. Virtually, all resistors of the ghetto were killed by the end of the war. Therefore, the Germans outnumbered the Jews in power, and came out on

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