Jewelry Wholesale Is A Manufacturer And Distributor Of High End Costume

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Greene’s Jewelry Wholesale is a manufacturer and distributor of high-end costume. The business is currently located at Derry, New Hampshire, with one warehouse and two store-front shops. They have about 502 employees working in various department throughout the company. The primary asset of Greene’s Jewelry is a patented process of creating a synthetic gold-colored material called “Ever-Gold.” This material is used in all their jewelry and is marked as “everlasting gold” because it is residences to scratches, discoloration, and oxidization. This patent is the main feature of the company’s business.
Jennifer Lawson worked for Greene’s Jewelry for three years as a junior executive secretary and earned high marks on her annual reviews, with an exception that she was occasionally late by 15-30 minutes to work. When Jennifer learned she was pregnant, she went to the Human Resource Department and told Lisa Peele that she might need extra time off due to the high-risks factors in her pregnancy. Lisa Peele congratulated her on the news and told her that her position has been eliminated. She told Jennifer that the company is downsizing and doesn’t need the position of junior executive secretaries anymore. Jennifer is only under a confidentially agreement with Greene, which prevents her from revealing any secret process used by Greene’s Jewelry to create Ever-Gold. Greene’s Jewelry did not have Jennifer sign a covenant not to compete agreement, only the executives are required to sign…

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