Jesus : The Hero 's Journey Essay

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Every heroic story is told from the Hero’s Journey. Jesus follows this same journey. The Hero’s Journey includes 9 different parts; the intro, the call to action, crossing the threshold, meeting the mentor, challenges, temptation, dark inner moments, final battle and the return home. Jesus has every one of these scenes happen when He was on earth. There is a bible verse for every scene in the Hero’s Journey.

The first scene is the intro to the hero’s world. The intro to the hero’s world usually shows the hero as a baby or child that makes them the way that they are. Superman was shot off to earth, because his parents were under attack and he grew up discovering his powers. Luke 3:16 shows the intro for Jesus, “And they came with haste, and found Mary, and Joseph, and the babe lying in a manger.” Jesus has just been born and now he is in the world. His heroic story starts now, in a barn with animals and shepherds there to witness it. His call to action doesn’t start now; he grows up to be around 33 before his call to action starts.

This scene is called the call to action, this is usually the crisis in the characters life that causes them too use their superpowers. Spiderman’s call to action would be when his uncle gets shot by the burglar. Jesus was left at the temple and His parents forgot Him there. They found Him and asked Him, “Where were you?”, Jesus replied saying, “I am in my Father’s house.” There was a man named John and people thought he was the Messiah, but…

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