Jesus, The First Prediction Of Jesus ' Death, And A Reflection Of True Discipleship

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This passage from Mark includes an open acclamation that Jesus is Christ, the first prediction of Jesus’ death, and a reflection of true discipleship. In the opening scene, as Jesus and the disciples are on their way to Caesarea Philippi, the reader sees that even while in route to their destination their work never ends as they grapple with the questions that Jesus asks. It seems that Mark desires to make it clear that in the eyes of Jesus, the disciples are set apart from the masses in the line of questioning he presents, showing that Jesus wants them to express who others believe He is and then who they believe He is. In continuation with this, it is also evident that the disciples, or at the very least Peter, indeed do see Jesus differently than the masses in Peter’s statement that He is the Christ. At first, one would assume that their ability to walk with Him day in a day out and witness the consistency in His teaching, preaching and healing has given them a greater understanding of who He, however one comes to find that they still don’t have a full revelation yet. At the same time at least one of them has come into some divine understanding, Peter would not have been able to come to this conclusion without God blessing Peter with revelation from the spirit. Once Peter states that Jesus is the Christ, Jesus neither confirms it nor denies it, instead He charges them to tell no one, possibly because they don’t fully understand who He is and also possibly because it is…

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