Jesus Sent John The Apostle Of The Church Essay

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Jesus sent John the Apostle to the churches in Laodicea. John wrote letters to seven churches there. Jesus heard what was happening so he came to Laodicea to talk to them. The Lord Jesus Christ told them that their church makes him sick. Jesus also tells them that he knows their works. Their works are neither cold nor hot, but lukewarm; consequently Christ is about to spew them out of his mouth. The church did not provide a refreshing spirituality or a therapeutic one. The church needs both of these in order to do their good works for God. It was ineffective; moreover, distasteful to the Lord. In the bible, it talks about their water that was brought into the city. In this passage, it is not necessarily talking about the water, but the churches work. He is describing how they are acting, along with their church as a whole. Even though the works of church made the Lord nauseated, he still wanted them to repent so that they would have the Lord back into their lives. The church had riches and power, but spiritually, they had nothing. Furthermore, the church did not know that they were poor, blind, and naked spiritually. This explains why their works were offensive to God. The churches explanation was not only that they were rich, but that they had achieved it on their own. For this factor, they did not “need” anything, so they exclaimed. The churches in Laodicea felt as if they were secure in their spiritual attainment. They had no idea that they were wretched, miserable,…

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