Jesus Movement And Its Expansion Essay

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Traditionally, most people believe that what propelled the Jesus movement was Jesus’ crucifixion was seen as a massive defeat, where his followers were ready to leave and give up on the hopes of a new kingdom, but then Jesus was resurrected and this resurrection was going to give Jesus’ followers another chance at experiencing the Kingdom of God. Aside from these traditional views, some theologians argue that there are other events that propelled the Jesus movement and caused its expansion. In the chapter by Richard Horsley, “The Power of the Crucifixion,” he argues that Jesus’ execution is actually what propelled the Jesus movement. While explaining why Horsley believes this event was the drive behind the movement and its expansion, he brings up three standard perceptions of what other theologians believe propelled the Jesus movement: trying to discern what really happened behind the stories presented in the Gospels by looking directly at the historical information, the belief that Jesus was solely crucified because he was known as “the Messiah,” and that the resurrection and “Easter faith” alone were the driving force behind the movement and its expansion. Horsley provides an argument to each of these three perspectives in how they are not what propelled the Jesus movement. He argues that the information provided within the Gospels can’t be what drove this movement because much of the details presented in these verses are “embellished for the edification of faith” (183),…

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