Jesus ' Life And Ministry Essay

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I have read the Gospels many times, but reading them in a condensed amount of time has put them into a new light for me. In the past I have viewed them more as four distinct gospels, but reading them continuously helped me view them as one gospel, told through four different perspectives. Many times I have heard people speak of the differences between the gospels, but what stood out to me was the similarities. I think each gospel highlights and details a specific part of Jesus’ life and ministry, leading the four gospels to comprise one complete account of Jesus’ life, and what he came to earth to accomplish. One reoccurring thing that stood out to me was how often the gospels said that a certain event took place to fulfill what the prophets said, or it happened just as the prophets said it would. Everything from Jesus’ birth to his death was prophesied in the Old Testament. This semester and last semester I have taken an Old Testament class, and it is amazing to see the plan of redemption God established in the Old Testament come to fulfillment in the Gospel, through the life and death of Jesus Christ. Every time I read that what took place in the Gospels was prophesied in the Old Testament, it reassured me of God’s great love and desire to be in union with his creation, even to the point of sending his son to die on a cross. Jesus spent most of his ministry teaching and healing people, but I think he put specific time and effort into teaching and training the…

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