Essay on Jesus Is The Son Of God

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Jesus is many things and not just a Holy God that I pray to everyday. As mentioned in the bible, Jesus is the Son of God, who has come to provide love and comfort to his people. He has always been a faithful and kind man and I see that through my pray and throughout the day when I need Him. Jesus is more than just a Holy God; he is my friend, my savior, my creator, and my Father. Jesus is my friend and at many times, my closest and only friend. He is there through everything that I experience in life, whether good or bad and is always there to listen and guide me. I had a difficult high school experience and it was through that time where I really turned to Jesus as a friend because I needed someone to talk to. I would spend my lunch sitting in the bathroom at school because I was ashamed of not having a big group of friends and fitting in. He was always there to not only listen, but to also comfort me when all I wanted to do was go home and be away from school as much as possible. Jesus is my friend because he was and still is my savior through my darkest times as well through the good times. He has helped me through high school and adjusting when I would move schools. There was an incident that happened in high school that involved me eventually hanging out with the wrong group of friends. I let them take advantage of me and did something I should not have done, which was very much life threatening. I ended up in the hospital and was suspended from school. Through this…

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