Jesus Is The Son Of God Essay examples

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Jesus is the Son of God but he was place with the Virgin Mary as his mother and Joseph as his Father. Jesus was sent to earth to spread the word of God and to have everyone come to know Christianity. Jesus had many people not believing the miracles. Jesus did not let that stop him from doing with he was sent to do. Through his journey, he met many people who were not well and the amazing thing he does is that if you have faith and believe in him you will be healed. Later he will die on the cross for our sins and he will rise three days later.
Christianity wants to teach that Jesus’ death on the cross is a very kind payment for our sins in other words justice for us. God cannot ignore sin and still be perfect so this is why Jesus wanted to teach Christians that he is divine and is willingly pays for the price of it. Jesus is on a mission to fulfill the new covenant, as the bible is clear this is why Jesus died on the cross. (Dickson, J. (n.d.). Life of Jesus (pp. 148-149). Jesus went to preaching and healing even though this is what causes Jesus downfall. It was clear that the indication of this is that the Pharisees did have a play with his arrest and trial, it was the priests and the temple elite who put into action in is death. (Dickson, J. (n.d.). Life of Jesus (p. 135).
While the Pharisees and the teacher of the law were sitting in the village of Galilee when the Lord said that Jesus was going to heal the sick. Some men went to carry a paralyzed man put him on a mat…

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