Jesus Is The Son Of God Essay

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Jesus, who is he? Does anyone truly know who Jesus is? Jesus is lived and died for mankind. Is he the Messiah, the lord, the son of God? Jesus was there to serve, and I believe that is what he did. Jesus did not lie he was honest and even if people didn’t like what he had to say he would not hid in secret. He was a servant of all. Jesus is the son of God and Man. I believe Jesus has to be both because he needs to be the same as you and I to serve and help mankind. Jesus being the son of God always gave him the power to not be tempted by sin and pure. Being the son of God, he wants to follow in his father’s footsteps for the better of humanity. Jesus even refers to God as Father. (McGrath 63) However, he has to be human so he can have humanity and relate to us instead of being something completely different. Jesus never boasted that he was more important than anyone else. He was the son of Man to serve his brothers and sisters. Am I wrong to say that Jesus is a servant? I mean we have had councils just to determine who is Jesus. The Council of Chalcedon recognized that Jesus is both truly divine and truly human. (McGrath 70) With this we must think about Jesus as we do God. So Jesus serves as his father just as man does. Jesus goes by many titles yet never seeks power from anyone. He is called the king of the Jews yet that how they call him he never claims it for himself. Jesus says his kingdom is far away and serves at the right hand of the Father. Jesus self says he…

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