Essay on Jesus Is The Real God

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Professor Brouwer, you pushed me to my limit! I think this was one of the most difficult papers I have ever written because it is just so hard to interview myself! I loved it though, just like all the other interviews that I have went through. Since I do not have to explain my questions, my set up here will just be the question, and then my answer on the next line will be my answer.
Who is Jesus to you?
To me, Jesus is the center of my life, a person that I can always look to when I feel alone. He is my why out whenever I am feeling as if I have no one to talk to. Whenever I hit those lows in my life, I can just sit down, and pray, knowing that he is there and a sense of closure. What makes you believe that Jesus is the real God?
To be completely honest, I have no idea that Jesus is the real God. He is more of a figure to me than anything, but I know that there was something like Jesus who walked on earth who died for my sins. I believe that people who do not believe in God and Jesus because they cannot believe that he was actually here are missing a huge part of who Jesus should be in their life. Jesus is a man who came here to save us from our sins and he is there to bring us eternal life, if we decide to buy into his prophecy. Now, do I know his name was Jesus? Do I know what he looked like or the way he talked? No, but I know that he came here to save us from our faults and will always will be there for me. Looking at my answer, I kind of realized I did not answer if…

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