Jesus Is The Central Figure Of Christianity Essays

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When it comes to God being truly divine and almighty, it is truly acknowledged when Jesus Christ comes into the picture. However, while many know Jesus is the son of God, many still question and are puzzled by how Jesus is God himself. To have a complete understanding of this we must first answer who is Jesus and why God sent Jesus down as a person instead of God himself personally. When proposed in a different perspective, and understanding that Jesus is the central figure of Christianity, what is our role in the Christian faith?
Throughout the timeline of Christianity, there have been many credited models and teachers that have positively represented God. Yet, there have always been certain aspects that have qualitatively separated and clearly defined Jesus from previous teachers and thinkers (Mcgrath, 58). The breathtaking and sensational miracles Jesus performed such as walking on water, raising people from the dead, healing the sick and protecting the oppressed firmly and distinctly establishes a special presence that no other teacher has been able to achieve. Apart from the amazement that the miracles brings to those who know and want to know of Jesus, it also contributes to the inspiration and the type of role model we should strive to be everyday. When taking into account the impacts between Jesus and his miracles, it portrays Jesus as a mediator between humanity and the Kingdom of God which also unites the grace of God to us human beings on Earth. This is…

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