Jesus Is A Disciple Of Jesus Essay example

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For me being a disciple of Jesus means that Jesus is my leader and I am his follower, and that he has called me to lead other as I follow him and his example. Now doing this is easier said than done and I will mess up and make mistakes along the way but nobody is perfect and we all have room for improvement. While it is important to know that we must also keep in mind that we should be striving to be in the light and not just avoiding the dark. Being a disciple of Jesus is a commitment that someone makes whenever he or she is baptized. Before that moment you are a unbeliever and aren’t saved, but when you are baptized and say that you make Jesus your Lord and Savior, then you make a commitment to follow him, because when you say you make him your Lord that means you give him control of your life. When you say you make him your Savior you recognize that Jesus has saved you from your sin and given you eternal life. It doesn’t stop at the moment you’re baptized it is also a continual process. From that moment on for the rest of your life you must be living for Jesus. Most of the time when you’re baptized you’re spiritually immature but given time, effort, and the help of others that are more spiritually mature you will, in a sense, grow up spiritually. The responsibility to grow up spiritually is partly you and partly others, as in mentors and other Christians. You are responsible for making an effort to grow in your relationship with Jesus. It is also the responsibility of…

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