Essay Jesus Is A Big Believer

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Jesus’ point in this teaching is one is not only liable for judgment if one murder, but one is also liable for judgment if they are mad at their brother. When Jesus says, brother, he means a person’s loved ones as well as their literal brother. Jesus says that anger is equivalent to murder. Jesus says, “Whoever insults his brother will be liable to the council; and whoever says ‘you fool!’ will be liable to the hell of fire.”(Matthew 5:22). The sort of relevance this teaching has for other worldviews is that redemption and forgiveness are important. Forgiveness is a big deal for Jesus. Also, that staying angry loved ones or being angry with loved ones is equivalent to “murder” in the eyes of some worldviews such as the Christian worldview. This teaching reveals that Jesus is forgiving, and honorable person. Jesus is a big believer in forgiveness. This teaching also reveals that Jesus is a wise person. Furthermore, Jesus’ point is that redemption is import. The story of the bible cannot be told without the act of redemption. Redemption may only be the third act of story, but it is an important act. The story of the bible would not be complete without the act of redemption. “However, as seen so far, restoring humanity to the proper worship of God is going to require more than just some rules and regulations. This leads to the third act of the biblical story, the redemption of fallen humanity to God through Jesus Christ” (Diffey 2014). “Redemption refers to the act of…

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