Christ Of Faith Research Paper

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Religion goes hand and hand with history. When we began to understand and practice religion it can change our whole way of thinking. It’s like a new door of endless possibilities have been open. Every religion has a beginning and the history to support it. When thinking of religion you begin to question yourself with how it came to be. Religion can take pieces from one another and add on to it. Jesus was born and raised Jewish and overtime through his teaching he started Christianity. When looking at Jesus we view two different things. We view the history of jess and the Christ of faith. The history of Jesus is like peeling an onion you have to go piece by piece. New things come forward even if we don’t agree with them. This helps understand …show more content…
This Christ of faith refers to the internal Jesus and who he was in reality with the resurrection. A person can know very little about the history of Jesus and still be strong in their religious background. The image of Christ of faith is image of the Christian Jesus. Even when Jesus died his message still traveled on this showed that his message was getting across. The followers found this remarkable and continued to spread his word. When looking at gospels and the Christian bible those all plays apart in the Christ of Faith. Christians look at him eternally. Catholics when break it down between the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Also the salvation of both Jesus and us is important in faith. As Christians you may follow Jesus and even though we are not exact as he are we can try our best to be the best image possible. Even the things Jesus did help reflected other …show more content…
It can shade us and bring us to understanding that we may not be aware of. When looking at the history of Jesus we are looking at who he was as a person. The way he was out casted among his religion and the way he changed that. Jesus also interpreted the words of God. Jesus challenged people to accept others even if they were homeless or people who Jews felt that were not fit to be touched or spoken to. When looking at Christ in faith we are looking at who he was internally. The different aspects he put and into and the people he influenced. Albert Schweitzer played a huge role in the Jesus of history because his will to discover things that people may not be aware. He talks about Jesus being a prophet for the end of the world. In Christ of faith we see that many things Jesus did were then passed on to others. Christ in faith brings us closer to our religion and helps us make a decision as who we are and what we believe. As Christians it’s up to us to spread our faith or let it sink. We use communion as a way to grow strong in our faith. Many people believe different things and it’s up to everyone to explore those options and listen to the calling that is planned for

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