Jesus, Culturally Engaged As A Tool For Ministry Essay

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What is culture and what does it have to do with Christianity? Was Jesus “culturally engaged”? Did Jesus even care about culture at all? Cultural engagement is the acknowledgment of culture outside of our own and actively participating in applying its uniqueness to our lives, or using it as a tool for ministry. As Christians, we must first look at our Leader to understand if we should culturally engage or not, and, in this case, we will see that it is important. In many parables, Jesus used the culture of the Jews to help them understand the Kingdom’s culture. The Kingdom already had a culture of its own, but Jesus could not effectively teach the Jews without first using terms from their culture for them to better understand what He was saying. For example, to demonstrate His return, Jesus uses the parable of the wedding feast (Matthew 25). In Jewish culture, the bridegroom was known for waiting on his father’s call to pick up his bride after preparing a home for themselves. The return was sudden without notice, just as Jesus’ return will be, therefore the bride and bridesmaids had to stay prepared. This is just one of the many examples, as we see Paul also used culture to reach the Jew and gentile. For example, Paul uses the “unknown god” of the Athenians to teach them about the one, true God (Acts 17). As for SEU students in particular, there are many ways we can culturally engage and many reasons to as well. Although this is a Christian school, there are those who have…

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