Jesus Christ, The Son Of God Essay

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The Gospel According to Mark is believed to be the first Gospel written and reveals a great deal about Jesus’ life through its relatively simple style. Jesus serves as the protagonist character from the very beginning, and Mark describes him as “Jesus Christ, the Son of God” (New Revised Standard Version, Mark 1:1). He quickly becomes known across the area and eventually “could no longer go into a town openly” because of the large crowds (Mark 1:45). As he traveled through the nation, his followers continue to grow. As this chapter progresses, we learn of various people and events that help shape Jesus’ roles and personality throughout this period. Jesus serves many roles throughout Mark, particularly through his miracles. He acts as a teacher, traveler, leader, doctor, food provider, and friend. Jesus went into synagogues where the people “were astounded at his teachings” because “he taught them as one having authority” (Mark 1:22). Jesus presented new ideas and declared that he came to “proclaim the message” (Mark 1:38). He uses parables to help the common people understand the meaning of his kingdom. The Parable of the Sower in Mark 4 describes casting out seeds to a variety of soil types. Only the seeds “sown on the good soil” bear fruit (Mark 4:20). Jesus even uses the miracles he performs to educate others about his strong authority and powers. In order to communicate the Word amongst the greatest number of people, Jesus travels throughout the Roman…

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