Essay on Jesus Christ The Liberator Of All Humanity

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Jesus Christ the Liberator
Jesus Christ is known as the Liberator of all humanity. The Bible assists us with understanding why Jesus came to emancipate the human race from any type of corruption or obstacles in life such as social, political, and even death. “Naming Jesus “the Liberator” is practically synonymous with naming him “Savior,” “Redeemer,” and “Deliverer.” Incidentally, the Catechism of the Catholic Church in referring to Christ’s work, uses the terms “redemption,” “salvation,” and “liberation” in that order of frequency apparent tension in Jesus’ preaching about the yet-to-come kingdom of God and the already-here kingdom is like the two sides of a same coin.” (Simão 2) Through Jesus’ preaching, how he acted, and his miracles, Christ showed that a new world, a new life was in fact present. What Jesus wished to do was to arouse faith, love, and compassion in people. He aspired to liberate people from their suffering and their inclination to suffer.
Adam and Eve created the original sin due to them disobeying God and eating fruit from the tree that God had forbid them from. In Genesis, it later states that a descendent of Adam would reverse the sins of all humans. it was God’s way of opening up a way of salvation and reversing the effects of Adams fall. Only one who possessed the inclination to sin and yet overcome its temptations completely could be a perfect sacrifice to take away sin. Jesus’ mission is stated many times in the Gospels. He became flesh in…

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