Jesus Christ Superstar Analysis

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Sitting in the crowded dressing room getting ready, putting costumes on, doing each others hair, putting makeup one, layering makeup on makeup, making sure that each and every individual appears over the top and able to be noticed from the very back row. Once everyone is ready to go, they all go backstage to start the pre show rituals. Everyone start to shake out their nerves one limb at a time making sure that everyone is ready for the show to start. Standing in the wings, thinking over the words of what are about to sung, waiting for the curtains to open and orchestra to play the opening notes. Fixing all of the costume making sure that everything is perfect. Once they go on, everyone hope that nothing goes wrong with the songs and the choreography. Once everyone goes on they cannot redo anything that they have just done. A mistake is a mistake, no one should let anyone know that it was made, but just keep going on as if nothing has happened. Once everyone finishes the last note of the performance, they go …show more content…
In an article about Musicals and Hollywood’s adaptation of the musical there was a chart that had a list of the names of the main characters that were in the musical. “The main characters that were in the musical were Jesus, played by Jeff Fenholt, Judas, played by Ben Vereen, Mary Magdalene, played by Yvonne Elliman, Heriod, played by Paul Ainsley, and Pontius Pilate, played by Barry Brennan”(Hischak). One can see from this list that these actors were the original cast that had performed the first performance of Jesus Christ Superstar; however, the the musical went off Broadway from a few years and then came back to performances they had to cast a whole new cast. This cast would not be the same as the original, but they had to be close to

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