Jesus Christ Fully Human, Fully Divine ! Essay

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Introduction; In this essay I will be analysing the theme of Jesus as both fully human and fully divine. With this, I will be exploring historical Jesus, Heresies, the Hypostatic Union and what the Church currently believe, with scriptures throughout. Historical Jesus:
Jesus Christ, Son to Mary and Joseph. With Jesus’ Jewish roots, he comes out of the Jewish prophetic and wisdom traditions. He presents himself and just about everybody agrees on this, as a Jewish prophet with a message of the kingdom of God. His outlook was based on Jewish religion which was concerned with the relationship of the individual person to God and was also the national religion and way of life. To be Jewish had political, social, cultural and religious implications. The Jews believed themselves to be God’s people chosen from all other nations and they expected the coming of a Messiah to restore their dignity as an independent people and nation free from control and occupation by Gentiles.
Jesus performed many miracles to his followers, such as the miracle of Jesus Heals the Blind and the Mute. (Matthew 9:27-31) this miracle shows with the faith that the men had for Jesus, that “According to your faith let it be done to you”
"Buddha, Confucius, Muhammad and other religious founders performed no miracles and did not rise from the dead. Jesus offered his many miracles and his Resurrection as evidence for his divinity." -Peter Kreeft “Handbook of Catholic…

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