Essay Jesus Christ As My Lord And Savior

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At age 13, I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and savior. I was at a small church in my hometown when the pastor asked everyone if they knew where they would spend eternity. Up until that point I had believed in God but I had never surrendered my life to him. So that night I confessed my sins and prayed for salvation. I have grown tremendously over the past five years in my walk with Christ. Being able to look at where I came from as a child and teenager to where I am now just verifies to me how great God truly is. I know that if it were not for him I would not be where I am today. Constant prayer and reliance on him is the strength behind me. Church is a huge reason I have grown in my walk with Christ and still continue to grow today. Being able to go to a place that is all about him is a breath of fresh air. It is important for me to go to church because I am able to be around people who love God and I believe as Christian’s we need to be around other believers who hold us accountable and encourage us along the way. When I was in the undergraduate social work program I came across Lifeline Children’s Services while I was looking for possible job opportunities for when I graduated. I fell in love with the mission of Lifeline. I knew immediately I wanted to one day pursue a job or internship at Lifeline. I have always had a heart for adoption. I grew up in a broken home so I know how important family is and the impact family makes on you and your future. I would love to be…

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