Jesus Christ And The Accuracy Of The New Testament: The Case For Christ

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If anyone ever doubts the story of Jesus Christ and the accuracy of the New Testament The Case for Christ is the book I would give them. Never have I heard such compelling evidence supporting the Christian faith. Having been a Christian my whole life, raised in a Christian home and going to a Christian School, I have never had reason to doubt the Scriptures. As Christians from birth I believe that we merely accept that the New Testament is true and there are no more questions. We never had to go on a journey to find truth in the Bible, unlike Lee Strobel. I never had any experiences with Atheists until high school. However, once I got to high school that was all some people could talk about. It was as if those peoples’ one goal in like was …show more content…
It was interesting to hear Strobel quote the actual gospels and notice how vague they may seem to non-believers. Although I did agree with a point that Craig made about how the style of writing and speaking in first century Palestine completely validates the tomb being empty as long as you know what you are talking about. Another thing I didn’t notice in the gospels before The Case for Christ was the guard issue. I have to admit that before Craig argued the “pro-guard” side of this grey area I had a flash of doubt like anyone might. However then Craig expounded, “The initial Christian proclamation was, ‘Jesus is risen.’ The Jews responded, ‘The disciples stole his body.’ To this the Christians said, ‘Ah, but the guards at the tomb would have prevented such a theft.’ The Jews responded, ‘Oh, but the guards fell asleep,’”(Strobel, The Case for Christ, 229) this quote is a great example of how the gospels are clearer to those familiar with the writing and speaking in this time period. In this same section Strobel tried trapping Craig by alluding to the fact that because the gospels varied that they must not be very trustworthy and they cannot possibly be all correct. I was pleased that their further discussion on plagiarism is exactly what I was thinking while reading this

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