Jesus Christ And The Accuracy Of The New Testament Essay

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If anyone ever doubts the story of Jesus Christ and the accuracy of the New Testament The Case for Christ is the book I would give them. Never have I heard such compelling evidence supporting the Christian faith. Having been a Christian my whole life, raised in a Christian home and going to a Christian School, I have never had reason to doubt the Scriptures. As Christians from birth I believe that we merely accept that the New Testament is true and there are no more questions. We never had to go on a journey to find truth in the Bible, unlike Lee Strobel. I never had any experiences with Atheists until high school. However, once I got to high school that was all some people could talk about. It was as if those peoples’ one goal in like was to disprove any religion they came across. My friends from middle school and I had always struggled to stand up against them with real concrete facts because we just had faith. After reading The Case for Christ I could defend my faith against any non-believer who may come my way.

I have always been interested in history so this book fascinated me to no end. I appreciated that Strobel did not ask any easy questions. He dug at the topics at hand. Before reading this book I had no idea that so many manuscripts of the New Testament existed! It is exciting to find out that your faith is backed up with historical merit. Some people I have known have also questioned me as if to whether or not the Bible is only myths and legends, stories…

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