King Jesus Research Paper

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Jesus first role as a divine human was to act like and be a Priest. A priest is a mediator or a bridge that performs religious rights and makes sacrificial offerings. Priests are people in the Old Testament who offered sacrifices to God in order to cleanse of sin. Priests are representations of Jesus as he is the true priest who offered himself a sacrifice. He cleanses us of our sin. Jesus made a sacrifice for us, he gave up something to help others. Jesus died on the cross for our sins the bible states ”God made him who had no sin to be sin for us so that in him we might become the righteousness of God.” (2 Corinthians 5:21, NLT) This backs up that Jesus us a priest who delivers his sacrifices on our behalf to god the father. Catherine
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It takes your values, wisdom, service, and Integrity. Jesus said to his apostles "The son of man came not to be served by to serve" (Matthew 20:28) In this bible verse Jesus is telling us that to be a king you don 't get served but you have to serve others. Jesus played an amazing role of a king throughout his life. Jesus mission as a king was not to have a supreme authority over a territory but to establish the role of god in the world. He came to promote a society that reflected God and the values of God. This would be a society of love, goodness, faithfulness, forgiveness and to care for those with special needs. One way that Jesus exercised his mission as a king differently from other kings was through his service rather than the dominance of others. During the last supper, Jesus showed service to his twelve apostles by washing their feet. One of the apostles offered to wash everyone 's feet for them but Jesus refused to let him. This is so that Jesus could get the message across to his apostles about serving others. Jesus was declared a king at birth, this was because it descended down the royal line of David (2312 Jesus Christ Bible Gateway, n.d). When the Jewish people were ruled by kings, they became a Nation. They waited for a Messiah who would make them feel great. In the Christian community, a king is a person who leads by great

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