Jesus And The Holy Spirit Essay

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From the very beginning God demonstrates love and a desire for relationship with humanity. He created us to be in community with him, the world and one another. God constituted laws so that we may have structure and order and he expects us to obey them. However with the fall of humanity in Genesis, disobedience and sin have become part of our world. In Exodus, Moses intercedes for the Israel nation, while in The New Testament, Jesus is our intercessor restoring relationship with God. Even though humanity still sins, we have Jesus and the Holy Spirit working in us and helping us daily to be more Christlike, so we may give glory to God through the way we live in the world and in community. Them In Exodus, God miraculously delivers the Ancient Israelites from Egypt and gives them a new life at Sinai. They are no longer slaves of Pharaoh, but are taken out of Egypt so that they may worship God. He is their protector, deliverer and saviour and they are his adopted covenant people. Thus, the covenant relationship God promised to patriarchs Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is once again restored.

Through Moses, God 's first covenant mediator, laws are established. These moral, civil and ceremonial codes are guidelines for how they are to live. The Israelite community had much to deal with: they left their old identity as slaves, acquired a new life of faith and were set apart to be a holy nation. This required them to trust in God their deliverer. In hope to…

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