Essay On Jesus Formation

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“Did Jesus have anything to do with the formation of the Christian church? And if he did, how did he shape its special character?” (Shelley 4). During the age of Jesus and the Apostles, the anti-institutional view of Christianity was so widespread that many questioned Jesus’ partaking in Christianity. In my opinion, I believe this was the most important event in church history between 6 B.C. and 1517.
During the age of Jesus and the Apostles, Palestine was not a very pleasant place to live. In reference to Bruce L. Shelley, Palestine in the Age of Jesus was a “crossroads of culture and peoples ruled by Rome and divided by region, religion, and politics” (Shelly 20). There were 3 social classes; the very rich people from the royal court, middle
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Jesus chose His disciples and He knew what had to happen for the prophecy to be fulfilled; and that was the coming of the Messiah and what He was sent to do. So therefore, Jesus intended to create that company of followers, we call “the church”. Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John reveal Jesus’ plan. Jesus taught them about life in what he called “the kingdom of God”; and he introduced them to the “new covenant” that bound them together in forgiveness and love (Shelley). Slowly, but surely His disciples came to the knowledge of what it meant to follow Jesus.
Ultimately, I believe Jesus founded the church. The “true” church began with Him. I believe the Christian Church began with the text in Matthew 16: 13-20. In this particular text, Jesus began to show His disciples what He must do and what must happen. He gave instruction on what they must do as followers of Christ. This is where the church began because Jesus was sent to set a Godly example of what we must follow as Children of God. Once that example was set, God sent His Holy Spirit to be with us and to guide us in maintaining the example set by Christ. That example helps the church stand firm

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