Sympathy Points Go To Jessica Jones Analysis

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Sympathy Points Go To Jessica Jones Eat, sleep, get abused, get drunk and suffer from PTSD. Not the kind of schedule anyone wants to follow. Jessica Jones very much follows this schedule. Constantly, Jessica Jones is having flashback of the times she was sexually abused. Also it is likely that she will have an alcoholic beverage in hand or close by at all times. Jessica also really doesn’t have any other choice but to be a private investigator because she simply wouldn’t fit in anywhere else. There are characters similar to that of Jessica Jones, like Walter White. His life is falling apart. He has cancer, his family targets him and he gets no respect by his students. This make the audience feel sympathy for him. However, more sympathy is felt towards Jessica Jones because she works as a Private Investigator because it’s the only job she really fits into, she is an alcoholic, and has been sexually abused. …show more content…
She was sexually abused by a man who took control of her and she was basically able to control her. One day a couple shows up at Jessica Jones’ door asking for her help because their daughter, Hope, has gone missing. As she investigates, the signs lead her to the same man that abused her, abused Hope. Jessica Jones is constantly having flashbacks, especially when she is in the restaurant. The flashback in the restaurant was her having dinner with the man who abused her. The case with Hope really hit home with Jessica because she had gone through the same thing. Jessica now suffers from PTSD and that what is causing all the flashbacks. Even when she talks to Trish, a friend she hasn’t talked to for a while, Trish notices something is wrong. “This is your PTSD… Are you still having nightmares? Flashbacks? [sighs] You need to go back to a therapist” (Springfield 1). Jessica needs some money from Trish because she need to get away from this man. That is how traumatizing the past event was for

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