Jessica Jones : A Superhero Television Series Created For Netflix

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Marvel’s Jessica Jones, or Jessica Jones, is a superhero television series created for Netflix. The show features one primary protagonist: the titular character Jessica Jones, an ex-superhero who now runs a PI out of her apartment. In addition to Jessica Jones, the show stars seven other main cast members throughout season one: Luke Cage, Patricia “Trish” Walker, Will Simpson, Hope Shlottman, Malcolm Ducasse, Jeri Hogarth, and Kilgrave. In terms of exposition, Jessica Jones is a strong individual, left damaged after a tumultuous “relationship” (if it can even be called that) with Kilgrave, a man who can control minds. She struggles with her PTSD and anger. She is crass, crude, and not afraid to say what’s on her mind, cuss words and all. She’s more likely to brush her teeth in the morning with a shot of whiskey than toothpaste.
The first season primarily takes place in various parts of New York, specifically Hell’s Kitchen and Queens. Interior scenes range from Jessica’s apartment, apartment building, Jeri’s law firm, and Trish’s apartment. Season 1 focuses on Jessica’s struggle to cope with her PTSD and stay away from Kilgrave. However she is forced to get involved when the parents of a missing girl, Hope Shlottman, come to her for help. It turns out the missing girl is the most recent victim of Kilgrave’s mind control. Since the show airs on Netflix and all episodes were made available at once, season 1 doesn’t have a week-to-week motivation, just motivation for 13…

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