Jesse Owens Thesis

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Imagine having to go through racism, academic complications and health problems, Jesse Owens did and he was still able to fight his way to the top. Jesse Owens is a track runner and a legendary Olympian. In the 1936 Berlin Olympics Jesse Owens and Luz Long ( German Aryan athlete) friendship proved that even through a time of racial tension the love of their sport allowed them to break racial barriers and be an example for others to follow.
Jesse Owens was born James Cleveland Owens on September 12, 1913 in Danville Alabama to 2 sharecroppers. As a little boy he worked and helped pick cotton, he was also very sick with what people now think is pneumonia . Owens was also often sick from his struggle with chronic bronchial congestion. But he still
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“Whether it was encouraging physical fitness among African Americans during World War II or promoting the Olympic ideals during the Winter and Summer Games, Owens was often on the road.” He raced against cars and horses for money and also played with the basketball team Harlem Globetrotters. He tried to start several businesses, one of them was the Jesse Owens Dry Cleaning Company, founded in 1938. That company was in debt after about a year, and in 1939 he filed for personal bankruptcy. After the dry cleaning company didn’t work out Owens later started a career in public relations and marketing. He set up a business for himself in Chicago, Illinois, and traveled around the country a lot to speak at conventions and other business gatherings. In addition he received honorary awards like “World’s Fastest Human”, Presidential Medal of Freedom, “Greatest Track-and-Field athlete” etc.
Sadly Jesse Owens died of lung cancer in Tucson, Arizona, at the young age of 66 on March 31, 1980 because he smoked up to a pack of cigarettes a day for most his life. He rested setting seven world records during his career. Jesse Owens and his friendship with Long made a statement and showed that race doesn't matter and he left a legacy and made an impact on African American athletes and they way they were viewed and also inspired many young and old athletes that race doesn't define you but how hard you work and your determination

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