Jerry Sanders Case Essay

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Group Case: Jerry Sanders
X Cardia Corporation * Jerry sold his company, X Cardia Corporation, 10 months after founding it with partner, Ascher Shmulewitz, for 33 million (1997) * Jerry, President/CEO, started with 180,000 investment, lost half a million before selling company to UroHealth * Built company with assistance from prominent physicians, investors, professional service firms
San Francisco Science * After selling X Cardia, Jerry and partners Ascher Shmulewitz and Marguerite McHenry looked to replicate their success with the founding of a new company, San Francisco Science * San Fran Science would look to create value by connecting investors, physicians, financiers, and established medical device companies,
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lack of relevant experience, and critical stage in his life with a lot of personal pressures, but hired him anyway (early 90s) * Sanders flourished, understood Shaw’s Laws. 1. “It is easier to raise money at the beginning than in the middle.” 2. “Everyone does what they know how to do,” (creatures of habit, but really should consider new alternatives). And understood Huddleson’s law, “Never invest your own money in your own technology.” Need to be objective. * Sanders and Shaw met Shmulewitz, who had the ability to see what others couldn’t, but didn’t know how to convey message to investors. Sanders agreed to help him, goodwill. * Sanders received a terrific education at Shaw Group but delineated key differences in their mindset. Sanders made swift decisions, whereas Shaw continued to analyze situations. Shaw didn’t feel Sanders was ready to run one of the companies, and so Sanders joined Shmulewitz.
* The duo built out on a promising new device that combined xray and ultrasound. Recruited investors, hired CEO, 4 years later-sold for $44 million. * Sanders was sought out by Jay Pritzker, Founder Hyatt Hotels
Hyatt International * Sanders took position as Director of Development/Senior Counsel, as the face that the international businessman would see more than the

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