Jergens Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… So they decided to create a special department which will be concerned only about marketing, selling and everything related to cosmetics only, and therefore MADINA COSMETICS was born in the year 2001 trying to re-launch its Jergens products in …show more content…
Employees and Workforce
Because MADINA COSMETICS is not a producer of Jergens products, but only a franchisee, so they have no any factory employees, but they do have administrative ones including a Manager, a Secretary, an Accountant who take cares of financial stuff. These employees communicate using internal telephone lines, faxes, emails, Internet, and computers, though they don't have real organized offices at the moment because they are going to move shortly to another floor in the same MADINA TOWER building where they are now.
As for the commercialization and distribution, MADINA COSMETICS has six saleswomen and six salesmen distributed in different geographic areas in Lebanon (North, Beirut, South, Bekaa, Mont Lebanon) who's job is to find new retailers who would like to sell Jergens products and to provide old ones with sold out products and to collect the money. Besides they have four promoters in Hypermarkets and Department Stores.
This same department has also a department called: Creative Department" who takes care of finding new ways to market Jergens.
As for distribution, MADINA COSMETICS has two cash vans, which keep moving on the roads for instant selling for cash, that's in addition to another two vans for distributing products on the company's
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Though, as we know, re-launching a product is more difficult than launching it for the first time, because it is true that some people liked it but some others don't know anything about it and might have a bad idea about it because it was not a success in the first time, that's why the company has to double its efforts to change the bad image of the brand in some people's minds, as well as to introduce it to new customers and not forgetting also the competition they are going to face especially from Nivea, Vaseline, and Johnson & Johnson. For all these reasons, MADINA COSMETICS decided to follow three basic plans to be able to succeed in re-launching this product:
First, it had signed contracts with ProVision to have heavy advertising campaigns on three different radio stations, on magazines, and on billboards.
Second, provide customers with the high quality of Jergens products that they are used to.
Third, provide customers with a wide and large variety of products that can satisfy all their

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