Jenny Craig, Inc Essay

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Jenny Craig, Inc.
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Sherry M. Watkins
American Intercontinental University Online Abstract
Weight loss is a $40 billion dollar industry in the United States today ( In With the growing concerns about obesity in the United States, the desire and need to lose those extra 20 pounds is more desperate than ever. In this task, many diets, pills and even surgeries have been conducted today. Not just for health reasons but for that desire to have the perfect body. This desire is being felt by both male and females. With the many weight control programs on the market today, Jenny Craig, Inc. has grown into one of the largest weight management companies in the world. Jenny Craig, Inc. During the last 20
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Women are being told that if they just lose that last few pounds, they can have it all ( Jenny Craig has taken this trend with the use of celebrities to endorse their brand. They had developed a strategy of finding a celebrity that the woman population can relate too. Someone that the public feels is going through the same things that they go through and if this program can work for them, than it can work for you. Over the last years this has worked and this strategy has made Jenny Craig, Inc. one of the largest weight loss service companies in the world.
In the past the main target market was women but it has evolved today and includes men as well. Jenny Craig uses male celebrities to reach the male market. This market is constantly growing as well. Men are feeling the pressure to lose the extra weight as the women have always felt.
With this title, there is competition. Jenny’s #1 competition is Nutrisystem. They offer the same services. They both sell prepackaged, low calorie frozen meals that are delivered at your door for your convenience. However Jenny goes a step further and offers one on one consulting that Nutrisystem does not offer. In the current market, they seem to be running neck and neck. The winning factor seems to be which celebrity each is using is skinner. Some would say who is the most popular and who the public relates to more.
Jenny Craig has had celebrities such as actress Kristi Alley, rapper Queen Latifah,

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