Jennifer Lopez: Definition Of Beauty

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Kim Kardashian. Jennifer Lopez. Kate Upton. Jennifer Lawrence. Taylor Swift. Carrie Underwood. Today, young women around the world idolize powerful women such as these. Whether these women are actresses, singers, or models, they have shaped current society’s definition of beautiful. The word “current” denotes a past or future change. This is due to the unwavering fact that beauty, in its entirety, is indescribable. However, media has made it their mission to attempt to write the public a simple, blanket, definition. Constant pressures of media and basic society to emulate women we see on magazine covers and movie screens has tarnished society and the self-esteem of millions of young women. Regardless of whether or not media is correct by force feeding public definitions of beauty, the tactic of hiring women who manage to fit the makeshift mold of “beautiful” to indorse a product is highly effective.
Jennifer Lopez is one of the rare women who fits the current mold of beautiful.
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Not only is it the closest to the camera but the right side of her face is highlighted whereas the left falls into the shadows. Strategic highlighting, as well as the black and white filtering of this photo, depicts a level of class and a hint mystery. The shadowing, to an extent, distorts the models more delicate features, allowing consumers to more easily envision themselves as the face in the photo. The highlighting in the image is placed only on the right side of her face where the product name can be found. The product name “Voluminous Superstar”, is positioned on the models right cheek. Ordinarily, placing wording across the face of a model would be distracting, however, this positioning does just the opposite. By placing the text directly below the focal point of the ad, and directly in the main highlighting, the consumer is drawn to the text immediately after they are drawn in by the models

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