Jennifer In Pleasantville

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The two characters, David and Jennifer, both have split personalities. David is portrayed as more of a “book worm” while Jennifer is seen as popular, fun, and cool. At the beginning of the movie, the audience can clearly see that there are further issues going on in David and Jennifer’s life than just high school drama. The two teenagers father is not deemed as present and their mother is seen in a constant stress about custody. David and Jennifer are transported to Pleasantville because the “Tv repair man” believed the two of them had what it took to fit into Pleasantville. Noah Gitell, the author of “The Most Liberal Movie of All Time: Pleasantville”, argues that the film is directly linked to America in the 1950s. Gitell describes the …show more content…
Bynum states, “Every citizen knows his or her role in society and flawlessly carries it out. This is why Pleasantville is so pleasant. In Pleasantville, every adult woman is a married, and every wife is a homemaker. In this reality, the husbands don't have to know how to cook or do house work because they have never needed to. When change is introduced into this society, a few of the parts of the organism do not function properly”. Upon first arriving, David and Jennifer are completely alarmed. The two teenagers were used to doing what they desired, whenever they wanted to. David had to force Jennifer to try and fit in with the Pleasantville society and constantly reassured her that they would be back home soon. David and Jennifer felt out of place, not because people were telling them what to do, but because the two teenagers were so used to fitting in, and in Pleasantville they did …show more content…
Before David was transported to Pleasantville, he would watch the TV show every night. Jennifer begins to panic when she realizes that she is not as familiar with the environment as David is and that she does not fit in. Jennifer notices that the boys are far more innocent than the boys from her home and the girls all have the same, perfect, attitudes and lifestyles. When Jennifer first introduces color that’s when she realizes that Pleasantville is not such a bad place to thrive after all. At the end of the movie Jennifer decides to stay in Pleasantville and go to college and David returns to home. David felt that Pleasantville was no longer the perfect environment that was shown in the TV show and no longer wanted to

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