Food To Eat After Wisdom Teeth Essay

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There are many foods to eat after wisdom teeth removal that you do not need to worry from getting starved. These food will not only taste good but are also healthy and tolerable too. They are soft and usually mashed in order for you to be able to chew it easily without being uncomfortable while eating. What to eat after wisdom teeth extraction will obviously be enough to give you the strength for the next few days to come while the removal site is still on the healing process.
1. Ice cream. Sure, this is a heavenly treat! You can eat ice cream after your wisdom tooth has been removed unless you have a very sensitive tooth. Believe it or not, ice cream is the top choice of what to eat after wisdom teeth removal because of its soft and cool attributes. Since it is soft, it is comfortable to chew (not that it needs chewing) inside your mouth. The cool
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Jell-o or pudding. Post-operative diets are definitely a bore because of the limited foods that you can eat. However, jell-o always comes to the rescue with its different flavors. You can simply get the instant packets or follow quick jell-o recipes on the box to prepare this fast and easy treat. Making jell-os is also beneficial in a way that they have a long refrigerator life which entitles you to save more effort and time in preparation again and again as you can make them all in one go and store in your fridge for more than a week!
6. Apple sauce. Another one of the foods to eat after wisdom teeth extraction is apple sauce. The pureed and smoth texture of the sauce makes it an excellent food to eat following the removal of your wisdom tooth. It is also a healthy choice among other foods because it contains lots of fiber ad Vitamin C which can help you heal faster. It does not require your jaw muscles to exert much effort too and will help prevent soreness. If you want to cut back on sugar, all you have to do is to make use of fresh ingredients so that there will be no unnecessary glucose content on your apple

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