Jejemon and Bekimon Essay

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The Disadvantage, Advantage and Effect of using Non-standard Lingos: Jejemon, Bekimon vs. English Language

Jonalyn Barrera

Gerald Llaban

Princess Lemence

Geraldine Lopez

Katherine Anne Villaluna

Global City Innovative College

English II


February 01, 2011

Submitted to:

Ms. Mildred Tallorin

Chapter I: Introduction


This study covers the Non-Standard Lingos vs. the English language; the effects, advantages and disadvantages of it. The study aims to achieve all the purposes that were made to make this study possible. As you read this study further, you will know the different effects of Non-Standard Lingos to the teenagers. One of the good effects of Non-Standard Lingos is that it
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• H1 People nowadays tend to use the Non-standard lingos than the standard language to be acknowledging for enjoyment and satisfaction. By using this, they become unique from others and they would gain more friends.

• H1 The good effects of Jejemon are the following it gives pleasure to a social group. Jejemon became a tribe, so if you are one of them, you tend to enjoy like them and only you and your folks can understand each other pretty well.

Ho On the other hand there are the bad effects you forget your main language. Your other dialects are set aside. Oftentimes, it will let you forget the right spelling or grammar in English or Filipino.

• As the survey begins, the study will be completed and it would answer the questions why do they use Non-Standard Lingos. And to know more what are the advantages and disadvantages of using Non-Standard lingos.

Scope and Delimination :

The scope of this study is the comparison between English language and jejemon. It covers the history and development of the latter. It gives emphasis on jejemon language on how it is used by people particulary in teenagers.

This study gives an idea to focuses about the jejemon language because it is called basic text language can already be hard

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