Essay on Jehovah Witness And The Holy Spirit

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I was born into the Catholic religion, believing and worshipping God, the Virgin Mary, and the saints. Every night I pray the “Hail Mary” and the “ Our Father.” My parents followed the rituals of the sacraments such as my baptism, first communion, and confirmation. As a grown up I continued to follow the practices of my religion as well as the Catholic beliefs. Christianity has been a religion that has faced many struggles. People judge it, yet it remains strong. Jehovah Witness’ is a religion that many people question and has been greatly judged by many because they don’t believe in the Trinity as we know as “The Holy Spirit.” This group is known for their exclusive beliefs. Their faith is a distinctive part from the faith of Christianity . For example, they refrain from celebrating holidays. What’s the reasoning behind this belief ? The Jehovah’s Witnesses have their own thought and views on worldwide issues. Today, Jehovah Witnesses are well known for going door- to- door and sermoning to people to convert into their beliefs by using two brochures of religious literature. These brochures lecture two different things from their bible as they call the “Watchtower” that preaches all of their beliefs. Jehovah’s have been seen and treated with different combinations of emotions, as far as admiration and hatred. For instance, I recall growing up and hearing an early knock on a Saturday morning, not knowing it was a group of Jehovah’s Witnesses trying to preach…

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