How Did You Become A Jehovah's Witness

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Jehovah’s Witness. My understanding of this religion was a bunch of people who are very strict on their religious values and not very accepting. Everyone always said that Jehovah’s Witness would try to turn everyone to their religion. I had never heard a good story about them; such as how they always went door to door, they were persuading (some would say harassing) people, due to this fact, it caused people to dislike their religion. This was one of the reasons why I decided to pursue this religion. With myself being an agnostic person, it was acceptable for me to learn about a type of people who are strong followers of their religion. My friend Abigail’s family is a part of Jehovah’s Witness; this made me feel comfortable studying this religion because I knew I would not feel completely alone. However, I did think that using her family for an interview was cheating in a since so Mrs. Cindy, Abigail’s mom, gave me the contact …show more content…
I thought the best question to start with was “How did you become a Jehovah’s Witness.” Mrs. Nancy was the first person to share her story. She had said that one of her family members had passed away and she would ask people what happens to those after death but all anyone would tell her was that she was too young or that her family member was in a good place. She had asked priest and pastors, even random people of different religious beliefs. One day, an elder Jehovah’s Witness had knocked on her door and instead of turning the woman away she asked that woman “What happens after death?” and the elder woman had sat outside on the porch with her and had showed her verses in the Bible that explained that God would take those we love. This had started more questions and the woman had kept showing her verses in the Bible. With this, Mrs. Nancy decided she wanted to become a Jehovah’s Witness because to her, they were the people who could show her the answers to the questions she

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