Jeffrey Dahmer Personality

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Since Jeffrey had that fear of loneliness he became desperate over the year. Jeffrey felt desperate for companionship with a person. Jeffrey had some issues of being rejected so to make sure the companion would not leave by morning he would murder them. Then after the murder would go to great lengths to make every trace of his victims disappear. Since Jeffrey had such loneliness and had such a hard time interacting with people many believed Jeffrey Dahmer had Asperger’s disorder. People tried to prove it through neuropsychiatric and developmental perspectives using the sexual serial homicidal behavior. Also using developmental psychology, evolutionary psychology, and neuropsychiatry. Asperger’s is a high-functioning autistic psychopathy. …show more content…
Another way he is similar to most serial killers is he gave signs of his unnatural behavior in his childhood.Over the years there have been theories of how animal cruelty can be a sign of someone who can turn into a murderer or even a serial killer. In this theory talks about how people will seek affection and approval from loved ones. When that happens both the loved ones and the ones seeking affection and approval will feel satisfied. When approval does not happen the one who is seeking affection and approval from loved ones will feel frustrated. That person will then transfer their anger to people who cannot or do not retaliate. When it comes to serial killers they are looking for control over their frustration and then vent their anger towards weaker creatures like animals. In the case of Jeffrey Dahmer in his early childhood, he would experiment on the dead bodies of animals. In the beginning, Jeffrey just rode his bike up and down his neighborhood carrying a plastic bag so he could collect road kill and any other dead animals he found and then dissect them. Once he got older he started to catch and kill live animals to examine them. In his examinations, he removed the animal 's skin, then soaked the bones in acid and lastly mounted the heads of the animals on stakes in his backyard. Later Jeffrey replicated that same gruesome behavior on his victims at his apartment from his fascination with dead animals. Jeffrey then took it to the next level with his hobby with turning his attention towards humans and leaving behind animals. After his first murder, he dismantled the victim’s body just like he had done several times before with animals. Once he was finished experimenting on the body he then disposed of the victim’s body. Most of his murder would involve extreme mutilation on the victim’s bodies, just as he had done time and time again

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