Jeffrey Dahmer And Jack The Ripper Essay

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Jeffrey Dahmer targeting and killing men would have been a terrifying event. Similarly, Jack the Ripper grabbing women in the night would have been just as horrifying. Jeffrey Dahmer and Jack the Ripper were two very famous serial killers in history. While their methods of murder were similar their targets, and their capture and end were quite different. Jeffrey Dahmer was interesting in the way he lured his victims in and who he targeted. Dahmer targeted only African American men. There were speculations that he targeted only African American men, due to racism, however it wasn’t really proven (“Jeffrey Dahmer Biography” 3). He went after specifically, younger men who were either homosexual or bisexual (Time Warner Books 235). The majority of Dahmer’s victims were people who were likely to go unnoticed when they went missing. By choosing these people he minimized the chances of him being caught (“Jeffrey Dahmer Biography” 3). Jeffrey mostly met his victims at very open social places. He would bring victims home from gay bars sometimes, and other times he would lure in men from the side of the road promising them a beer (Crime Museum 1). He even offered his victims money if they would pose and allow him to take pictures of them (Montaldo 3). “He lured them home with promises of money or sex and fed them alcohol laced with drugs” (Jeffrey Dahmer Biography” 1). At the end of his killing spree Dahmer had killed 17 men (“Jeffrey Dahmer Biography” 1) On the other hand, Jack…

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