Jeff Bailey Is Shattered By The Arrival Of A Stranger Essay

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Jeff Bailey (Robert Mitchum) appears to be just a small-town owner of a local gas station in Bridgeport. But his life and that of his girlfriend Ann Miller (Virginia Huston), is shattered by the arrival of a stranger called Joe Stephanos (Paul Valentine), who recognizes Jeff, and tells him his former boss, a racketeer named Whit Sterling (Kirk Douglas) wants to see him at his place in Lake Tahoe, Nevada. Jeff has no choice, he has to go, but before he leaves he confesses to Ann about his shady past. His real name used to be Jeff Markham, former PI, who got mixed up the wrong type of people, and a fatal attraction with a woman named Kathie (Jane Greer). Told in flashbacks to New York, where Jeff is hired by Whit to locate his missing $40,000 and his disobedient girlfriend, Kathie who took it. The trail leads him all the way to Mexico, where he finds the alluring and seductively-dressed Kathie, Jeff is instantly infatuated with her, against his better judgment.

Jeff is lured by Kathie’s charms and claims of innocence. Jeff begins a romantic relationship with her and they run off together avoiding Whit and his thugs. They begin a new life in San Francisco when one day they are spotted by Jeff‘s old partner, Jack Fisher (Steve Brodie), another detective, who is incidentally now working for Whit. Fisher warns Jeff that she is a liar and a thief, nearly killing Whit for the $40,000. Fisher offers Jeff and Kathie a chance to pay him off so he doesn’t inform Whit of their…

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