Essay about Jean Watson 's Theory Of Human Caring

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Jean Watson is a highly educated woman (having graduate degrees in nursing and mental health nursing as well as a PhD in educational psychology and counselling) who has devoted the better part of her professional career to developing her theory of human caring. She is currently a Professor of Nursing at the University of Colorado, has been involved in numerous organizations, and has authored/co-authored over 20 books on caring. (website). Jean Watson’s Theory of Human Caring emphasizes the value of nurses forming a relationship with their clients and treating them as individuals rather than objects. The first part of the theory is called the human care process, which is made of up three sub concepts. The second part of the theory incorporates three concepts that come together to for the human care transactions. Watson’s Theory of Human Caring has developed gradually throughout her career and has been critiqued and used in research by many scholars. I am confident that I will apply all aspects of Watson’s Theory of Human Caring to my own practice, but I will focus on how I will use several of Watson’s carative factors in my practice. Watson’s Theory of Human Caring can result in positive experiences for nurses and their clients when it is put into practice. Watson’s Theory of Human Caring is “based on the idea that humans cannot be treated as objects; they cannot be separated from their self, others, nature and the universe (randomized controlled…

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