Essay on Jean Watson 's Caring Theory

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Jean Watson’s Caring theory has a great place in nursing practice. Her theory consists of three major elements, carative factors, the transpersonal caring relationship and caring occasion (Lachman, 2012). In her carative factors, nurses should develop a trusting, supportive and caring relationship with patients. This can be accomplished by making awareness of feelings that could foster the intimacy. Caring requires nurses to make a deep connection to the spirit of self and to the spirit within the patient. In Watson’s caring model, nurse’s care about the uniqueness of the individual and go to all extends to preserve the dignity of a patient. In transpersonal caring, nurses will make an intentional connection with the patient. In the third element of caring occasion, a caring relationship was established between patient and nurse. Today’s nursing practice is greatly influenced by Watson’s Caring Theory. Many institutions are adopting Jean Watson’s Caring Theory to guide the patient care. Applying Watson 's Caring Theory into practice permit the nurses to provide better care to the patients but also care for themselves (Lachman, 2012).
Nursing theories define the nursing practice, support quality of patient care and can be applied to find solutions to nursing practice problems. Watson’s Caring Theory focus on humanity and human dignity, which give a solid foundation for practitioners to carry out their work (Williams II, Mcdowell, & Kautz, 2011). Her work is focused on ten…

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