Jean Piaget 's Cognitive Development Theory Essay

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Jean Piaget’s Cognitive Development theory was inspired by observing his own children and eventually other people as well. Piaget suggested that people and children in particular learn through experience. He suggested that when we face a new experience or obstacle are brain is forced think in a new way and come up with a resolution. By doing this our brain becomes more sophisticated and better equipped for handling the situation if it happens again. Because we already went through that certain experience the next time we come face to face with it will already know what to, and if you face an obstacle that you have not encountered you still use the same steps you used before and attempt to figure it out. In the very beginning of the book Mr. Michie just can not teach his students about the workings of the justice system in the U.S. because as he suggested reading about it was way to boring. Instead he got his whole class to participate in a court trial held in their own classroom. In it the students challenged the school faculty’s ability to eat in the classroom while they could not. The activity was a huge success for the class, after the activity concluded the students not only knew how the judicial system worked, but they were also excited to keep learning about this topic. Because teaching about the judicial system from a book was to bland for Mr. Michie and his students he decided to to teach his students about the court system by having them do a court session.…

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