Jean Piaget And Vygotsky Theory Essay

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The two theorists that I am going to discuss are Jean Piaget and Lev Vygotsky. The first one will be the theory by Jean Piaget, and the second one will be the theory by Lev Vygotsky. You will see throughout the paper the similarities and the differences between the two theorists. Both Piaget and Vygotsky provided highly influential theories which had impact on the way children are taught. I will first tell you some history about Jean Piaget’s theory, then followed by Lev Vygotsky theory. Then I will compare and contrast the two with each other, showing the main similarities and differences between the two. Jean Piaget was actually not a psychologist at first; he dedicated his time to mollusk research. "Truth be told, when he was 21 he 'd officially distributed twenty experimental papers on them. He soon moved to Paris, and landed a position observing mental patients. After a short time, he was working for Alfred Binet, and refining Burt 's thinking test. Amid his time working at Binet 's lab, he concentrated on the way that children contemplated." (Hawk, 2010) After two years of working with kids, Piaget at last acknowledged what he needed to explore children’s development. He noticed that children of a younger aged answered questions qualitatively different than those of an older age. This suggested to him that younger children were not less knowledgeable, but gave different answers because they thought differently. He spent over 10 years perfecting his theory, and it is…

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