Jean Piaget And Erik Erikson Essay examples

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Jean Piaget and Erik Erikson are both distinguished and renowned for their research and theory work regarding human development. However, while their subject of research of research was similar, their theories and works were quite disparate, yet even further juxtaposed, their stances on certain issues in psychology, especially the nature verses nurture debate, are actually akin.
Jean Piaget was born in 1896 in Switzerland and is most noted for his research about early cognitive development. He was often referred to as a child prodigy and became published within the field at quite an early age. Piaget later began working with Binet, a psychologist, who was formulating what would later be the first intelligence test. By studying these children, Piaget devised a theory that children progressed from birth throughout adolescence in what he referred to as qualitatively different stages of cognitive development. The first developmental stage is sensitometer; primarily ages birth to two years, and is characterized by the idea that children learn by physically manipulating their environment in order to get a grasp on reality and their surroundings. Preoperations, ages two to seven, can be summed up by the phrase “what you see, is what you get.” Children in this developmental stage believe that what they see is reality and that inanimate objects are actually animated. The next stage is concrete operations, ages eight to twelve, and is the idea that children are able to think…

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